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Stavropol State Medical University invites teams from medical universities to participate in the All-Russian competition with international participation for the provision of first aid and emergency "Asclepius", which is held the fourth consecutive year with the support of the Ministry of Health on May 17-18, 2019 in Stavropol city.

Within the framework of the Olympic Games competition will be held in such areas as: Medical biathlon, where students can demonstrate their CPR skills, catheterizations and probes insertions , endotracheal intubation and others procedures in emergency; representation of the university ; tenders for the provision of first aid and emergency disaster relief and accidents. It is planned the participation of the leading experts of Russian Federation and Stavropol Region in the field of first aid and emergency to conduct workshops and training seminars.

Video of previos games

Video of previos games 2016

To participate in the competition are invited senior students.

Olympics take place in three stages:

Stage 1 - selection of team in university. The first stage is carried out among the students in Your university. It is attended by both individual students and teams formed at the faculties.

Stage 2 - the main competitive stage in StSMU - 17-18 May 2019. This step is carried out between the teams.

In previous 5 years teams took part in competitions where they could demonstrate their skills in first aid in emergency situations and accidents, as well as they become witnessed and participated in the attack situations and the execution of the bus (simulated), the capture of the lecture hall, etc. And this year will be even more interesting!

In order to take part in the competition, you must:

• Students select a team to participate in the Olympics;

• registration of the team you should send on e-mail:

no later than 31 March 2019.

team qualifying round conditions are available after registration.

Teame iclude 6 students of 4-6 years of studing.

Contact for more information:

Oksana Vladimirova, organizing committee of Olympic Games "Asclepius"

Phone: +7-905-413-33-40, e-mail:

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