Версия для слабовидящих
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Hostel № 1

Address: Stavropol, Pushkin Str., 8a / Morozova, 8

Phone: +7 (8652) 71-34-65

Number of places: 282

Total area: 2640.9 m2

Head of the hostel: Kostromina Olga Ivanovna


5-floors building: 4 floors for students residence in the training period. Student Accommodation is provided in triple rooms of corridor type. On the ground floor of the hostel located the university departments. Also on this floor there is a shower and a laundry room. On the first floor there is a training room for self-studing of students. Every resident has the opportunity to access the Internet from their room.

Hostel № 2

Address: Stavropol, st. Pushkin 8A / Morozova 8

Phone: +7 (8652) 71-34-62

Number of places: 445

Total area: 5123.4 m2

Head of the hostel: Gribachev Lilia Mikhailovna

obschezhitie_2.jpgThe hostel number 2 was built in 1964, it has 3 floors of accommodation for foreign students for the period of their study. Students Accommodation is provided in double and triple rooms by corridor type. On the ground floor of the hostel placed administration of the hostel, dean office of Foreign students and Prophylactic University Center. The hostel has a reading room, every resident has access to the Internet from any room.

The hostel has a dining room. At the hostel for students provides an outdoor playground for sports.

Created conditions of life allow students to feel comfortable during the entire stay at the hostel and promote quality of university education.