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Programming and support:  SSMU IC


  1. Association of University graduates
  2. Accounting, planning and financial management department
  3. Dissertation Council
  5. Information Center
  6. Historical Museum of StSMU
  7. Scientific Library
  8. Scientific-research department
  9. Scientific and Innovative Association
  10. Laboratory of Nanotechnologies
  11. Laboratory of Pharmacology of Pharmacology and Biotechnology Center
  12. Center for Personalized Medicine
  13. Student Health Center
  14. Laboratory of Microbiota
  15. Pharmacogenetics Laboratory
  16. Pathological Laboratory
  17. Interuniversity Communication department
  18. Recreational and Prevention Centre
  19. The Department of Information and Technical Support
  20. Human Resources Department
  21. Department of International Relations and Marketing
  22. Department of Medical Work Organization
  23. Department of labor protection and fire safety
  24. Department of Academic Council and Rector Support
  25. Comprehensive Security Department
  26. Planning and Finance Department
  27. Department of Legal Management, Law and Human Resources Policy
  28. Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic work
  29. Vice-rector for Educational, Social work and Public relations
  30. Vice-Rector for Clinical work and Interaction with Educational and Practical Bases
  31. Vice-rector for International and Interregional Relations
  32. Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation
  33. Vice-rector for Educational work
  34. The trade Union Committee of StSMU stuff
  35. The trade Union Committee of StSMU students
  36. Publishing department
  37. Veterans Council
  38. Council of young scientists and specialists
  39. StSMU Students Union
  40. Sports and travel club “Eagle”
  41. Sport Club
  42. Student Scientific Society
  43. Strategic Development Office
  44. Legal Support and Personnel Policy Division
  45. Educational and methodical management department
  46. Center interaction with practical public health and promotion of graduates employment
  47. Center of Educational and Social work
  48. Centre for Culture and Leisure
  49. Center of Practical Skills
  50. Center of Psychological Support for students
  51. Education Quality Management Center
  52. Ethics Committee