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Faculty of pre-university education

Mira str., 310, room 113 b
Stavropol Region
355017, Russia
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  1. Pre-university education
  2. Preparatory department
  3. Small Medical Academy
  4. Career Guidance

The medical profession has very strict and serious requirements for those who decided to devote their life to medicine. In addition, a huge amount of the educational material the medical students have to study from the very first days of school means that applicants must have strong and deep knowledge in core subjects.

The main task of the Faculty of Pre-University Education of Stavropol State Medical University is to help to the prospective applicants in their quest to become the students of the Medical University.

The main aspects of the Pre-University Education Faculty are preparing of the trainees according to the General State Examination programs, the organization of the Open Days for high school graduates, contests and quizzes, competitions, interaction with general region institutions, the coordination of all career oriented work at the University. The Small Medical Academy began its work since 2010. It was established according to the Academic Council decision. Training in the SMA gives an opportunity for 9−11 grade schoolchildren to become better acquainted with the medical profession and obtain the research work skills, to meet the prominent scientists and clinicians, to learn about the past and the future of medicine, to visit departments and museums of the University, to be adapted to the training conditions of the University. Training in the SMA is free of charge, except preparatory courses in general subjects.

Information for foreign students

Foreign students of the preparatory courses are provided with classrooms, lecture halls, computer and language laboratories, library, gym and health services, accommodation in hostels, textbooks and teaching aids necessary for the educational process.

Education at the preparatory department is carried out only in full-time education form.

Classes begin on September 1. Training time varies from 3 to 9 months.

Education at the preparatory department is provided in the state language (Russian).

Formation of academic groups to train students is carried out at the rate of 5-8 students, graduate students and residents - 1-4 people.

For groups of students delay to arrive for objective reasons, set an individual program of the education with the reduction of vacation and change the date of school year end.

Academic leave for health or other reasons is not available to international students of the preparatory courses.

For foreign students re-training may be provided with the full reimbursement of expenses for re-training due to the guide organization, company or personal funds of foreign students.

At the end of the school year, the preparatory courses conducted exams in Russian language and disciplines of medical and biological profile.

Foreign students, who successfully complete the preparatory courses, receive a certificate of the established sample.

Foreign students who do not attend classes or do not pass the exams, are expels from the preparatory courses and return home.

The University reserves the right to expel the foreign student due to state of health, as well as in the case of gross and systematic violation of the Charter of the University, academic discipline and internal regulations, non-compliance with the rules tuition, accommodation or violation of the passport and visa regime.

Travel expenses in all cases bear the guide organization, company or personal funds of foreign student.