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Administration of University

  • Koshel Vladimir Ivanovich, Rector of Stavropol State Medical University, Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Hodzhayan Anna Borisovna, Vice Rector for Educational Activity, Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Amlaev Karen Robertovich, Vice Rector of International and Interregional Affairs, Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Shchetinin Evgeny Vyacheslavovich, Vice Rector for Scientific and Innovative Work, Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Frantseva Victoria Olegovna, Vice Rector for Medical Work and Interaction with industrial practice bases, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Semenova Olga Andreevna, Vice Rector for Education, Social Work and Public Relations, Associate Professor, PhD
  • Sohach Alexander Yakovlevich, Director of the Institute of additional professional education, Candidate of Medical Sciences.
  • Ivolgina Svetlana Grigorievna, Chief Accountant, Head of Planning and Financial Management Department
  • Afonkin Yury Viktorovich, Vice-Rector for administrative and economic part