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International Students

International Students' Society of Rescuers was organised in Stavropol State Medical University in 2014. Students study the base of the first aid in different emergency situations, provide volunteer actions in schools, teach pupils to render aid in cases of emergency - fractures, loss of consciousness, airway obstruction, wounds and so on.




The Russian Medical Competition on rendering the first and emergency aid Asclepius 2015 took place in StSMU on May 15-16. The teams from 9 medical Universities of Russia, including StSMU took part in competition. The Russian Medical Competition is urged to draw attention to the problem of first aid both in Russia and all over the world.

Within the Russian Medical Competition the students competed in the medical biathlon where showed the skills of CPR, the catheterization and probing, the intubation of a trachea and release of respiratory tract in emergency situations; collection of the medicine chest due to the task; presentations of the Universities in the days of the Second World War. The second day of competitions passed outdoors. The students became the witnesses to "the accident with passengers at the bus", its explosion and attack. They helped the victims who were represented by the students of StSMU with special training and make up. Further the representatives of the Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters held a master class on the scheme of suppression the accident at hazardous chemical site, after that the teams competed. Then the participants and guests ate “field-kitchen” at the lunch time. After that another stage of the Russian Medical Competition was carried out. It was the competition "The accidents" where students of StSMU represented the victims of drowning, hanging, cut off limb, sting of the snake and victims with traumas, caused by electricity.

The victorious teams were awarded by valuable prizes. All teams were handed letters of thanks addressed to the Rectors of Universities and Diplomas for the victory in the different nominations of the Russian Medical Competition.