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Admission Procedure

It is necessary to provide the University with the following required documents at admission:

  • Application for admission;
  • Personal particulars;
  • Original of Secondary Education Certificate (equal to A-level with the grades by Biology, Physics, Chemistry) and its verified copy. (Note that educational certificate has to be officially translated into Russian language, verified and notarized in the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the native country of the applicant);
  • Health certificate (about physical and mental fitness, -ТВ, STD, HIV, absence of drug and alcohol abuse, list of vaccination, results of AIDS test) signed and sealed by the district or family doctor;
  • 12 photos of size 3×4 cm;
  • Valid passport with the Russian entrance VISA and Immigration card (to be registered during 3 days after arrival in the Visa Service Department of the University).

Nostrification of documents should be lead in the Federal Service on Supervision in Education and Science (Moscow).

The foreign citizens admitting on a quota submit the original of the Direction.

All translations into Russian should be executed according to the name and surname specified in the entrance Visa.