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Administration of University

Koshel Vladimir Ivanovich, Rector of Stavropol State Medical University, Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Hodzhayan Anna Borisovna, Vice Rector for Educational Activity, Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Amlaev Karen Robertovich, Vice Rector of International and Interregional Affairs, Professor, Doctor of MedicineShchetinin Evgeny Vyacheslavovich, Vice Rector for Scientific and Innovative Work, Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Frantseva Victoria Olegovna, Vice Rector for Medical Work and Interaction with industrial practice bases, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Semenova Olga Andreevna, Vice Rector for Education, Social Work and Public Relations, Associate Professor, PhD

Sohach Alexander Yakovlevich Director of the Institute of additional professional education, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Ivolgina Svetlana Grigorievna, Chief Accountant, Head of Planning and Financial Management Department

Afonkin Yury Viktorovich Vice-Rector for administrative and economic part