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International conference "Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation, Balneological medicine at the turn of the third millennium"

Conception view


General Standing Order

This Conception of preparation and holding of the International Conference «Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation and Balneological Medicine at the Turn of the III Millennium» (hereinafter — Conference) sets the goals, objectives, and order of the event.

Name of the Event

International Conference «Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation and Balneological Medicine at the Turn of the III Millennium».

Conference Organizers

  • The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities
  • The Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory
  • Stavropol State Medical University
  • Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneology of FMBA

Conference Languages

Russian, English

Dates of the Conference

October, 12−14, 2016

Conference Venue

Towns — Stavropol, Essentuki

Conference Financing

The main financing sources are the means of the organizers and participants.

Information Support of the Conference

Information support of the Conference includes the following areas:

  • Placement of information in the media;
  • Posting of information on websites;
  • Mailing of information by e-mail and duplication by the Russian Post.

Actuality of the Conference

The basis of promoting and protecting of public health there is prevention of diseases — a system of measures of medical and non-medical character, aimed at preventing, reducing the risk of deviations in health and diseases, preventing or slowing their progression, reducing their adverse effects.

Medical rehabilitation is a complex of therapeutic and prophylaxis measures aimed at restoring the health of the patient, the functionality of his body. The methods of medical rehabilitation and treatment are pharmacotherapy, folk medicine, diet, physical therapy, methods of physical effects, spa treatment. Medical rehabilitation is aimed at complete or partial rehabilitation of mental and somatic health or possible slowing down of the disease, prevention of relapses and recurrences.

Recently, the role of prevention and rehabilitation becomes more and more urgent, as much of the population, supporting the government efforts in this direction, tries to take all possible measures to prevent the diseases, on the one hand, and on the other hand — the number of patients of working age who are in need of medical, social and occupational rehabilitation increases. The development of science and practice in these areas requires comprehension of obtained scientific data and information exchange between experts, which makes the holding of this international conference actual.

Purpose of the Conference

Understanding of the accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge on the application of programs of medical prevention and rehabilitation for children and adults; exchange of relevant evidence-based information, in these areas, the establishment of scientific contacts, including international relations.

Objectives of the Conference

  • Discussion of actual problems of prevention, rehabilitation and health resort business in the current circumstances;
  • Evidence-based medical information exchange on above mentioned specialties;
  • Partnerships of scientific and practical ties between the universities of Russia, China and other countries.

The Main Events of the Conference

The Conference includes plenary sittings and work of thematic sections, as well as the final meeting to sum up the results.

Plenary session

«Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine at the Turn of the III Millennium»

Thematic sections


The Approximate Order of Preparation and Carrying out of Plenary and Section Sittings

The Conference program is formed and approved on the basis of the proposals of the Conference participants.

Regulations of the plenary session: reports — up to 25 minutes, presentations — up to 15 minutes.

Regulations of section sittings: reports — up to 20 minutes, presentations — up to 5 minutes.

Section sittings are conducted in parallel. The set of the sections is formed on the basis of the received applications.

For the preparation and conduct of the section the working groups formed of the members of the Organizing Committee, headed by sections leaders, are approved.

The main purpose of the section sittings is in-depth discussion of certain topics, exchange of opinions and recommendations on the topic under discussion. During the preparation and conduct of the section sittings the following tasks are solved:

  • Identification of the key issues discussed in the field;
  • Exchange of information on work experience;
  • Discussion of ways of solving problems;
  • Preparation of proposals for inclusion in the Recommendations of the Conference.

Conditions of Participation in the Scientific and Practical Conference

The Procedure of the Application Formation for Conference Participation for Russian Citizens:

To participate in the Conference one should send to the Organizing Committee:

1. up to August 1, 2016

Registration Card (see. Appendix 1).

2. up to July 1, 2016

Abstracts in Russian and English (at will) (see. Appendix 2).

The Procedure of the Application Formation for Conference Participation for Foreign Citizens:

To participate in the Conference one should send to the Organizing Committee:

1. up to August 1, 2016

Registration Card (see. Appendix 1).

2. up to 15 June 2016

Abstracts in Russian and English (at will) (see. Appendix 2).

For all questions contact the Organizing Committee:

Common Issues

mob. + 7−928−318−06−04

Tel. + 7−8652 -748134 — ext. 3216


Speeches and Publications

mob. + 7−928−318−06−04

Tel. + 7−8652 -748134 — ext. 3216

Karen Amlaev
Prof., M. D., PhD., D. M. Sc.,
Vice-Rector for International and Inter-Regional Activities of
Stavropol State Medical University, Russia

Annex 1

Registration Card of a Participant of the International Conference

«Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine at the Turn of the III Millennium»

(Required to fill all the lines)

Stavropol, October, 12−14, 2016

1. Full name of the participant (____________________________________



2. Registered address: _____________________________________________



3. Residential address: ________________________________



4. Place of work (study) ___________________________________________



5. Contact phone numbers (home, mobile, office) __________


6. Position



7. Academic degree, academic rank (if any) _____________________

8. For the Russian participants: indicate in which section you plan to take part

(Mark x):




1. Medical prevention and rehabilitation in children

2. Medical prevention and rehabilitation in adults' age

3. Spa Medicine

For the participants: specify the form of participation:
a) Participation
b) Oral presentation
c) The poster
9. The theme and the title of the performance ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Note. Duration of the performance at the section sitting is 15−20 minutes. Speech should be accompanied by a multimedia presentation.

10. The need for accommodation (note x)
If «Yes», note «x» and specify the price.
We recommend to book rooms in the hotel complex «Eurohotel».

Cost: 1 Single room «Standard» — from 3640 rubles;

1 Single room «Business» — from 4420 rubles;
1 Double room «Business» — from 5460 rubles;
Room «Junior suit» — from 5980 rubles;
Room «Suite» — from 8601 rubles;
Room «Premium Suite» — from 12740 rubles.
Room «Apartments» — from 18200 rubles.

Checking time— check in at 14:00, leaving at 12:00 .

11. The length of stay in the hotel in Stavropol
Check-in: October, 11, 2016.

Check-out: October, 13, 2016.
Members wishing to participate in a roundtable discussion on the spa medicine, move to Essentuki and stay in a proposed sanatorium. Cost is 5−7 thousand rubles per night. The rest of the participants return to the place of residence.
Please note if you continue to participate in the Conference in Essentuki on October, 14

«Yes» «No»

12. The length of stay in the sanatorium (Essentuki, Semashko street, 6−8, tel.: 8-(87934)-9−91−86)

Check-in: October, 13, 2016

Check-out: October 16, 2016

Cost of living:

Price for 1 person per day

Room category

Twin room

the main place

Single room

the main place

1 adult

extra bed

1 — double room «Standard»

3 500, 00

4 200,00

2 625,00

1 — double room «Comfort»

3 900,00

4 680,00

2 925,00

2 — rooms double «Lux»

6 700,00

9 380,00

5 360,00

2 — rooms double «Apartment»

9 500,00

13 300,00

8 075,00

Check-out time: check-in — after 12:00, check out — 11:00

13. Departure to Moscow from the airport Mineralnye Vody — October 16, 2016 (Information on 12.22.2015)

To Domodedovo (Aeroflot+ Donavia, departure at 7.20, arrival at 9.35) — 3284 rubles.

To Domodedovo (AIRLINES + Globus, departure at 12.10, arrival at 14.25) — 6155 rubles.

To Sheremetyevo (Aeroflot, departure at 13.00 and arrival at 15.20) — 4761 rubles.

13. Departure from Sheremetyevo Airport to Beijing on October 16, 2016 (information on 12.22.2015)

From Sheremetyevo to Beijing Capital International Airport (Aeroflot, departure at 16.00 and arrival at 4.30 — 02.10.2016) — 14979 rubles.

From Domodedovo to Beijing Capital International Airport (ETIHAD, departure at 12.55, arrival at 8.50 with transfer in Abu Dhabi) — 18944 rubles.

From Vnukovo to Beijing Capital International Airport (TURKISH AIRLINES, departure at 15.00, arrival at 15.05 with transfer in Istanbul) — 20081 rubles.

14. For Foreign Participants
Do you need a visa support? (Underline whatever applicable)

Yes No

Annex 2

The procedure of registration and publication of abstracts of International Conference participants

«Medical Prevention, Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine at the Turn of the III Millennium»

Order of registration of theses:
Author (s)_____________________________________________________
Organization __________________________________________________
The name of theses ______________________________________________
Text ________________________________________________________
Abstract example

Somov A. K.

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow


The current state of theory and practice was analyzed.

It was found that …

Requirements for Manuscripts:

— Text of the abstracts is done in a text editor Word;
— Page settings: top, bottom, right margin are 1.5 cm., left margin is 2 cm;
— Line spacing is 1 interval;
— Font TimesNewRoman, 14 points;
— The red line is 1.25 cm;
— Footers are 1.25 cm;
— Alignment of the boundaries of the text is on width;
— Orientation — portrait;
— At typing of a form, the size (size of type) should correspond to the size of the main text;
— The names and initials of authors are printed in capital letters at top center;
— The full name of the organization is printed in the middle of the next line in italics lowercase;
— Further through the line in the middle without hyphenation the TITLE OF THE ABSTRACT is printed in capital letters, bold;
— The text of the abstract is printed in line at a red line;
— There should be no tables, figures, charts, bibliography in the text of abstracts;
— The volume of abstracts should not exceed 2 pages of typescript A4 format.

Abstracts should be submitted to the Organizing Committee before June 15, 2016, — for foreign participants and until July 1, 2016 — for Russian citizens, in electronic and printed form.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to resolve the issue of the work publication. Abstracts are published free of charge. Collections of theses are given to authors free of charge during the conference by the rule — (one paper — one collection). To nonresident authors the books are sent via e-mail.

In case of discrepancy of content of abstracts to conference topics, as well as registration of theses to the rules described above, the author is informed and abstracts are published only after bringing them in line with requirements.