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Reseach work

Last week an international scientific team of the Stavropol State Medical University provided together with a scientific team of the Sheep Institute Stavropol a pilot animal experiment on Osteoporotic Sheep in preparing the next experiments using neural-crest-related stem cells in Regenerative Periodontology


The aim of this pilot animal experiment was to analyze the osseointegration for newly developed ceramic dental implants (Carident AG, Switzerland) together with newly developed human-derived bone substitutes (Osteograft, ARGON Medical Devices GmbH and Co KG, Germany) in an Osteoporotic sheep model on lower jaw of the animals.

Animal handling and surgical procedures were conducted according to the European Community Guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals (DE 86/609/CEE) and approved by approved by the local ethical committee at the Stavropol State Medical University School. Two young female Caucasian sheep with an average body weight of 27 kg were used in this study. Six months prior to the study, animals had been neutered by ovariectomy to induce osteoporosis.

Two experimental models have been used:

  1. Alveolar bone healing following tooth extraction: The second and third mandibular frontal teeth were selected as the experimental sites, as the roots of these teeth resemble those of the human teeth. Two implants (one control and one from test group) were placed into mandibular postextraction ridges of each of the two sheep. A standard surgical procedure for implant placement was adopted under sterile conditions at all times.
  2. Implant Placement Surgery and grafting procedures in non-extraction sites


Two treatments were provided to each animal, which were as follows:

grafted sites: Carident implant, 4,4 mm x 12 mm together with Osteograft bone substitute as a filler were inserted and then covered with a resorbable natural human-derived membrane (Fascia lata, Osteograft).

non-grafted sites: Carident implant, 4,4 mm x 12 mm without bone substitutes

Primary closure was achieved at the extraction sites using a resorbable suture material (Vicryl 4−0, Ethicon).

Carident implants are new prototype dental implants. They are registered and have therefore CE mark. The test implants were supplied by the Carident AG, Switzerland).

Osteograft is a new prototype human derived bone substitute. It is registered and has therefore CE mark. The test material was supplied by the ARGON & Co KG, Bingen, Germany).

On the next day CT investigation has been provided.


3D reconstruction of the osteoporotic sheep model using CT.