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Information for applicants

Stavropol State Medical University was founded in 1938. In the structure of the University there are the following faculties of basic education: General Medicine Faculty, Faculty of Pediatrics, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Humanitarian and Medico-Biological Education, Faculty of Foreign Students; about 6.000 future specialists are trained there. The Faculty of Foreign Students trains doctors for foreign countries since 1961. StSMU is one of the medical universities in Russia, accredited for training the students from India.

Currently, about 1400 citizens of 40 states are studying at the Faculty of Foreign Students:






























         South Africa

         South Ossetia

         South Sudan









At the Faculty of Foreign Students, training is conducted in the fields of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Stomatology. In the specialty of General Medicine, exchange education in the intermediate language (English) is possible.

Foreign citizens are enrolled at the University by residency programs in the following specialties:

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Gastroenterology, Dermatovenereology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Orthodontics, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, General Stomatology, Orthopedic Stomatology, Surgical Dentistry, Cardiovascular Surgery, Therapy, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Urology, Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endocrinology, Roengenology.

The University trains foreign specialists in educational programs of scientific and pedagogical personnel training in postgraduate courses. At the University there is a Council for the Defense of Dissertations for the Degree of Candidate of Science, Doctor of Science.

At the Faculty, it is possible to train foreign citizens at the preparatory department. The academic year at the preparatory department lasts 8-9 months (full course) or 3-4.5 months (intensive course) in accordance with the working programs on the Russian language and medical and biological disciplines.

Timing and cost of training for foreign citizens


Training period

Cost of the first year of study (rubles) *

General Medicine

6 years


General Medicine with English included

6 years



6 years



5 years


Residency of therapeutic profile

2 years **


Residency of surgical profile

2 years **


Residency of therapeutic profile with English included

2 years **


Residency of surgical profile with English included

2 years **


Post-graduate course, full-time

3 years


Preparatory department full course

8-9 months


Preparatory department intensive course

4,5-3 months


Living in a hostel

1 year



* – the cost is given for the aggregate of 2022, the figure is set by the decision of the Academic Council of the University; it is possible to index the cost of education by the amount of inflation.

** – the possibility of increasing the duration of training in residency is considered.


Training on the budget. Foreign citizens have the right to receive higher education at the expense of budgetary appropriations in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation within the quota for education of foreign citizens to the referral of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.


Admission through the firms:

Applicants can enter the University through intermediary firms that have contractual relations with StSMU: “A.J. Trust Educational Consultancy”, “Neo Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Limited”, “Promeks Rus”, “Shiksha Mitra”, “Majdalawi University Services”.


Transfer from other universities. Admission for training of foreign citizens studying abroad is carried out only for the first year. Transfer from the universities of Russia is carried out on the usual terms in the presence of free places.


The questionnaire of the applicant entering Stavropol State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

1.    Last Name: ________________________________________________________________

2.    First Name: ________________________________________________________________

3.    Date of Birth (day, month, year): _______________________________________________

4.    Sex: ______________________

5.    Citizenship: ________________________________________________________________

6.    Place of Birth (Country, city): __________________________________________________


7.    Permanent Address (city, street, house): _____________________________________________________________________________

8. Place of obtaining a visa (Country, city where is Russian Federation Consulate):


9. Passport No.: _______________________________________________________________

Series and number of the passport ______________________________________________

Passport issued by ___________________________________________________________

Validity of the passport _______________________________________________________

10. Document on education (School leaving Certificate, Diploma) (specify the full name) ____________________________________________________________________________


Series of the document on education _____________________________________________

Registration number __________________________________________________________

Date of issue _________________________________________________________________

Issued by ____________________________________________________________________

11. Form of training (full-time, part-time, evening) ___________________________________

12. Specialty:

(General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics) ____________________________________________

Residency (indicate specialty) _____________________________________________________

Postgraduate studies (indicate specialty) _____________________________________________

Preparatory Department (full course or intensive course) (underline) ______________________

13. Language of training (Russian, English)

14. Contact information of the applicant (phone, e-mail):_____________________________

15. Contact details of the person through whom the documents are submitted (telephone,

e-mail): ______________________________________________________________________


Date                                                                                                   Signature


Send it to our e-mail, please: Dekins123@yandex.ru


List of documents,

necessary for a foreign citizen to enter StSMU

- Passport + passport copy + passport translation into Russian, certified by a notary;

- Certificate of education + copy + translation into Russian, notarized;

- Document establishing the equivalence of the previous education (Nostrification);

- Referral to study from the Ministry of Health (for government payroll);

- Medical certificates: general health, HIV, AIDS, FGP with current deadlines;

- Photos – 12 photos, matte, white background, size 3x4 cm (without headdress);

- Migration card, issued at the airport upon arrival to the territory of the Russian Federation.


Procedure of acceptance of foreign university degrees as equal with native (Nostrification)

The recognition and establishment of equivalence of documents of foreign states on education, the issuance of a certificate of recognition or equivalence of documents are carried out by the State Expert Center for Educational Evaluation of the Main State Expert Center for the Evaluation of Education (Leninsky Prospekt, 6, bld. 3, Moscow, Russia, 119049), if this equivalence is not established by an appropriate intergovernmental or interagency agreement. Recognition and establishment of equivalence of documents of foreign states on education and issuance of the relevant certificate are carried out at the request of the owner of the document.

The following materials are attached to the application for recognition of documents on education or academic status:

- a document on education legalized in accordance with the established procedure (original or notarized copy);

- the application to the document on education legalized in accordance with the established procedure (original or notarized copy);

- a copy of the document certifying the payment of financial expenses for recognition;

- a certified translation of the document on education or academic title and its annexes.

A certificate of recognition of an education certificate issued by an educational institution of a foreign state entitles you to enroll in an educational institution that implements educational programs of the appropriate level in the territory of the Russian Federation.


To receive an invitation for execution of a study visa, visa processing deadlines

1. A copy of the passport.

2. Application form (to be filled in at the Dean's office).

3. If a foreign citizen receives a visa in another country, he must provide confirmation of his staying or residence in that country at the moment.

4. The invitation is prepared within 1 month from the date of submission of documents to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

5. After receiving the invitation visa, the foreign citizen must enter the territory of the Russian Federation for 1.5 months before the end of the visa. If the validity of the visa will be less than 1.5 months at the time of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, its renewal may be denied by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.


List of visa-free countries (invitations to study are not required):

1. Azerbaijan

2. Armenia

3. Byelorussia

4. Kazakhstan

5. Kyrgyzstan

6. Moldova

7. Tajikistan

8. Uzbekistan

9. Ukraine


Migration registration. Submission of documents for registration:

1. A foreign citizen crossing the territory of the Russian Federation must become a migratory accountant within 7 working days, counting from the date of crossing the border.

2. A foreign citizen must live at the address where he is officially registered. If the place of residence changes, it is necessary to notify the passport and visa office about this fact, as well as provide documents for registration at the new address.

2. The following documents are required for the migration registration:

- Passport + copy of passport (all completed pages);

- Migration card + copy;

- Copy of the training contract certified by the passport and visa service of the StSMU.

- Copy of the contract for living quarters (when staying at the apartment) + a copy of the passport of the owner of the apartment + a copy of the certificate of ownership granted to the owner of the apartment or an extract from the MFC (validity of the extract is no more than 2 weeks).


Submission of documents for visa extension:

1. The visa is extended one month before the end date.

2. The following documents are required for visa extension:

- Application form (to be filled in at the passport and visa service);

- Photography, 1 pc., 3x4 cm, matte, white background, no headgear;

- Passport + copies of the passport in duplicate (all completed pages);

- Migration card + copies in duplicate;

- Receipt for payment of state duty (paid in Sberbank);

- Referral to study from the Ministry of Health (for scholarship students);

- Copy of the training contract certified by the passport and visa service of the StSMU.

3. The following documents are required for transit visa:

- Application form (to be filled in at the passport and visa service);

- Photography, 1 pc., 3x4 cm, matte, white background, no headgear;

- Passport + copy of passport (all completed pages);

- Migration card + copy;

- Receipt for payment of state duty (paid in Sberbank);

- Copy of the ticket for departure to the homeland in Russian;

- Copy of the training agreement certified by the passport and visa service of the StSMU;

- Extract from the order on expulsion.


Foreign students have the opportunity to use the university's infrastructure.

The training of foreign citizens is carried out in accordance with the federal educational standards that are in force for Russian students and on the basis of curricula and schedules of the educational process in the specialties for foreign citizens.

Implementation of the program track of foreign students in the specialties "General Medicine", "Stomatology" and "Pediatrics" is carried out by teachers who have a basic education corresponding to the profile of the discipline taught and a degree or experience in the relevant professional field and systematically engaged in scientific and scientific-methodical activities.

At the University, foreign students are trained to pass the screening test (Screening Test), which graduates of the University will take at home to obtain a medical license. Lectures are delivered by professors from universities in India and other foreign universities, both at the University and on-line.

Foreign students are involved in research work, participation in scientific conferences, olympiads, "round tables", quizzes, competitions, which have great opportunities to create favorable conditions for the disclosure of their personal potential, the expansion of general erudition, professional thinking. The University annually hosts an international scientific conference of students and young scientists in English "Actual Issues of Medicine", within the framework of which there are master classes, teleconferences with foreign universities, lecturing by foreign professors on modern medical problems.

A special role in teaching is played by the study of Russian by foreign students, which contributes to their effective adaptation in social and professional spheres.


The university library occupies three floors, the total area of which is 2,460 square meters. There are 2 circulating libraries: scientific and educational, a common reading room, as well as an electronic reading room, where users can access the Internet, the electronic catalog and electronic library systems.



In order to ensure security, the entrance to the hostel and the academic buildings of the University is carried out through the turnstile provided that students have electronic passes that are registered at the University.


Additional education

Foreign students have the opportunity to receive additional education in the specialty "Interpreter in the field of professional communication".


Medical service

The system of protection of student's health is created in StSMU. The voluntary medical insurance policy allows the student to undergo a full medical preventive examination in the student polyclinic, get a vaccination against the flu, and receive medical assistance provided by the Voluntary Medical Insurance Program. In the Center for Student Health, which is located on the first floor of the hostel, foreign students can receive medical advice and physiotherapy procedures.


Student self-government: the Association of Foreign Students functions at the faculty. Monthly meetings of the councils of leaders of compatriots and national groups are devoted to the issues of combating national and religious extremism, preventing interethnic conflicts, fulfilling contractual obligations by foreign students; questions of the legal status of foreign students, etc. Active students are members of the Student Union of StSMU. The University is a member of the Association of Foreign Students of Russia.


Living in a hostel

Foreign students live in dormitories with all conveniences for 2-3 people in the room. In the hostels there are showers, laundry rooms, kitchens for cooking, student dining rooms.



The university created all the conditions for the development of talents and abilities of students during extra-curricular time. In the Center of Culture and Leisure foreign students have the opportunity to visit vocal and dance groups; in the equipped sports halls sports sections work on various kinds of sports, such as: volleyball, basketball, mini-football; in a modern swimming pool you can spend your leisure time and improve your health by swimming.

Foreign students show great interest in sports competitions of various levels. International teams of the University take prizes in intercollegiate competitions in basketball, volleyball, chess and other sports. The University management pays special attention to the support of national sports – the annual cricket tournament for the Rector's Cup is very popular among students.

The University has a recreation center on the Black Sea coast in the village Yakornaya Shchel.


Contact Information

Our address: 6а, Morozova Street, Stavropol, Stavropol Territory, Russia, 355000

Phone: (8652) 37-06-92, (8652) 37-09-25

E-mail: Dekins123@yandex.ru


How to come to Stavropol:

Air transport – by plane to Stavropol airport, as well as the nearest airports of Mineralnye Vody, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don (travel to Stavropol by intercity buses, fixed-route taxi).

Railway transport – by trains to Stavropol station, as well as to Nevinnomyssk station (travel to Stavropol by intercity buses, fixed-route taxi).

Intercity buses to the Stavropol bus station.